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Travel Insurance for Extreme Sports

Extreme travel insuranceIt would be a platitude to say that inner universe of any adventurous traveller doesn’t fit standard limits of most insurance policies. That is why AdventureInsurance.co.uk in cooperation with Globelink International Travel Insurance offer you a number of travel insurance policies that would be enough for almost any extreme activity.

Our extreme travel insurance was developed specially for travellers that prefer extreme style of life to dull existence. We succeeded in covering all possible and impossible extreme sports and activities anywhere in the world.

Trekking up to 3,500 m

Trekking at high altitudes is a very popular activity when people travel on foot to remote areas that can not be reached any other way. Most popular trekking places are Nepal, Malaysia, Tanzania, India and China.

Trekking and hiking up to 3,500m are considered to be safe enough while high altitudes are a real challenge for a human body because of overloads, rarefied air, pressure and difficult terrain. Most common injures include: Tiredness and exhaustion, Increased heartbeat as a result of shortness of breath, Sun burn, Nausea, Hypothermia, Headache.

AdventureInsurance.co.uk cover all risks of extreme trips up to 3,500m (No technical climbing).

Dive Insurance (Scuba Diving To Max 30/50m)

Real extreme travellers do not recognize any depth limits, but their bodies do. Underwater activities are as thrilling as dangerous. You should not forget to buy extreme travel insurance to cover any accidents of diving.

Scuba diving to max 30m is included in the policy at no extra premium.

Scuba diving to max 50m is also available with our Category 4 Extreme Sport Activity.

Super extreme activities

Extreme activitiesIf you plan to go into activities like Cave Diving, Flying, Gliding, High Diving, Luging/Tobogganing, Parachuting, Pot Holing, Shooting/Hunting, Sky Diving, Black Water Rafting, Heli Skiing, Kite Surfing, Paragliding, Rock Climbing (Not Mountain climbing), our extreme travel insurance policies include all that sports in the extended list of Category 3 and 4 extreme sports and activities.

Select your single trip policy from a range of policies including Economy, Regular and Comprehensive extreme travel insurance. Trip duration may be up to 15 months at a time.

Or you can select from a range of annual multi-trip options of up to 120 days at a time.

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