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  Save Money for Your Next Trip with these 10 Tips

  • Save Money for Your Next Trip with these 10 Tips

    This is how much you love to travel:  you haven’t even unpacked from your previous trip but you’re already planning your next travel destination. You set aside money for a planned trip, and tirelessly look for online travel deals. Travelling is an enjoyable and enriching experience, but it also costs a considerable amount of money. No matter how cheap we can get our accommodation and other expenses, travelling is still costly. Take a look at these tips from people who have made saving for their next holiday into a science.

    One travel expense not to skimp on is your travel insurance policy. This is an essential investment that could save you a fortune in the long run if something goes wrong.  

    Here are 10 tips to successfully save money for your next exciting trip:

    1.      Make the goal public

    When you tell other people about your travel goals, you automatically feel more accountable to achieve it.  When you tell your friends and loved ones, you also get a support system that may help you, and even look out for best travel deals on your behalf.

    2.      Make saving deliberate

    Have concrete, deliberate milestones to set aside funds for your next trip. Such as setting up a direct debit into your savings account for your travel expenses, or asking your HR department if they will deposit your salary across two separate accounts.

    3.      Cut down on “phantom expenses”

    Financial experts call our discretionary spending “phantom” expenses.  This includes what we spend on our daily coffee, a quick drink after work, a weekly take-away etc. When you add them all up monthly, it will definitely surprise you how much you could save.

    4.      Sign up for travel newsletters or subscribe to travel deal alerts.

    Get all the information you can from the experts on the best travel deals by signing up online for travel newsletters, and discount alerts.

    5.      Earn extra money on the side

    If you go online, there are so many opportunities to earn money these days using your skills, your car, or even a spare room if you have one. Whatever extra you here can be part of your travel fund.

    6.      Get travel insurance

    Though it may seem like an additional expense, getting the right travel insurance protection for you may save you a fortune in the long run.  It will definitely cost you more if your lap top is stolen or if you have an accident while travelling. If you are a frequent traveller, go for an annual policy. If its just one trip a year – opt for a single trip but buy it as soon as you book your trip so that you benefit from cancellation cover before you go.

    7.      Allocate a weekly budget allowance

    Give yourself a weekly budget allowance, and stick to it! Learn to adjust to a pre-set budget and you will be able to save more money for travel expenses.

    8.      Sell Items You don’t Need

    When you go through your wardrobe, you will always find items that you no longer use. Sell them easily on line using well established market places such as ebay.

    9.      Make Your Credit Card Work For You

    Collect frequent flyer miles from credit card points by paying for your essential spends on your card such as shopping, petrol, utilities.

    10.  Do your research

    There are many helpful travel websites that provide a mine of information about travelling, whether its guides on where to go or comparison websites for accommodation and airfares. Look out for travel communities that can help with everything from itineraries to best spots around a city and pitfalls to avoid.

    Use these tips to save and see as many wonderful places around the world as you can. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll realise travel is more than just a hobby, and you want to make it your lifestyle. Then, you may consider these 10 perfect jobs for people who love travelling.