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  10 Perfect Jobs for People Who Love Travelling

  • 10 Perfect Jobs for People Who Love Travelling

    Does your love for travel conflict with the job you have? You may want to look into the following 10 jobs and see if they could help bridge the conflict and help you do both!

    1. Freelance Writer

    Travel to exotic destinations and make money from doing what you love. That is the dream. Although it isn’t a job for everyone, if you have natural talent (preferably enhanced by a qualification) and you have already made money on the side from writing, look into this seriously. There are online companies, for example Blue Pen Articles, that have already built up a client base and will send you a steady flow of writing jobs online for you to complete. This offers total mobility as long as you have Wi-Fi and a computer.

    2. Photographer

    If you fancy yourself a budding photographer, then why not make some money at the same time as doing something you love and travelling to boot? Some tours require the services of professional photographers so the tourists can take home better memories and actually concentrate on the tour. Cruise ship photographers can travel year-round for their work and is probably one of the nicer travel jobs.

    3. ESL Teacher

    ESL means English as a Second Language. English is big business in most countries, if you are a native English speaker you will not have a problem getting a job with a basic TEFL course. However, you may feel more prepared with a slightly longer online TEFL course but it is the perfect job to travel with!

    4. Tour Guide

    Nobody likes to listen to a moody, monotonous, inaccurate tour guide. However, if you have a passion for telling history, you can remember facts and figures correctly and you are a people person, then this may be your perfect job! What’s more, tourists the globe over need you to save them from native guides with incomprehensible accents.

    5. Cruise Ship Crew

    If you are interested in waking up to a different country most days and being paid a good salary with free room and board, then this is the job for you. Of course you will need suitable skills and treat all customers well - with even the occasional disgruntled passengers, but the crew get their own bars, shops, party areas and time off to explore and ensure a good quality of life.

    6. Sommelier/Wine Taster

    Have you got a refined palate? Take a sommelier course (many of which can be taken overseas) and eventually you will be paid to drink the best wines and travel around beautiful wine districts – yes it’s a real job! Check out information on the UK Sommelier Association website and live the life you’ve always wanted.

    7. Flight Attendant

    This is by far one of the handiest jobs for travel. Airlines have different qualifying credentials, however, if you are a people person, have no visible tattoos and have good personal hygiene then check out what it takes to get qualified.

    8. Interpreter

    If you know how to market yourself and you have a good knowledge (preferably a Bachelor’s degree) in at least two languages (native included) then you could have what it takes to travel as an interpreter. Earn from £13 to £36 or £50+ depending on the job!

    9. Virtual Assistant (Digital Nomad)

    Join the 25,000 virtual assistants world-wide. If you have at least 5-years administrative experience, you can work remotely in the virtual industry. Many businesses prefer a receptionist they do not have to officially hire, it adds a personal touch to their business and allows you to travel (you may want to stay in a similar time-zone).

    10. Hotel Reviewer

    If you enjoy a different view every night and have a keen eye for quality, then this job would be perfect for you. At best you get to review the top hotels, at worst you may have to stay in a few ‘not so great’ hotels whilst you work on your reputation, but you will be paid for your opinion.

    Should I Change Jobs?

    If  you have spotted the job of your dreams, or one that you hadn’t considered before, then take a closer look and do further research to see if it really is right for you. Get your dream job and love the life you live! Get a long-term travel insurance to be covered whilst abroad and have peace of mind.